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60 Days, Studying Abroad

not a Dream Anymore!

60 days of massive progress

Unique tactics reveal + English learning environment. Within only a short period of time, you will experience a massive improvement of your English skills. This course focuses specifically on entering the highly prestigious universities in the world.



In our institute, every student has their own timetable. No official course packages and strict principles. Everyone deserves to have the programs which best fit their requirements. That is exactly the way to maximize student’s progress.



We have over 10+ years of international ESL teaching experiences. Combining both teaching excellence from Taiwanese and native English lecturers, we excel among almost all English institutes providing the best English courses in Taiwan.



We cooperate with several prestigious English educational institutes around the globe. Students are able to choose the specific date to deepen their English capabilities outside the country, meanwhile, exploring the beauty of the world.



With our grading system, students will have their own language level (A1-C2). The difficulty of their programs alters along with the improvement in English. This greatly ensures the room for the progressing and makes the programs more challenging.

Our Professional Programs

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Targeting on different ages from elementary school to university and adults, we provide students a wide range of English programs. You can always find a course that perfectly suits your current demand.

Our International Partners

We specifically cooperate with the world prestigious English institutes to take our student's English abilities to the next level. Students can not only study in Taiwan but also in other continents, such as United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand, broadening their horizons and experiencing cultures.

ILAC International

ILAC is the most famed Canadian

English institute located only in Toronto and Vancouver. It has over 50 different student's nationalities and acquired Language Travel Magazine prize several times in a row.

Embassy English

Embassy English is a global English institute which delivers effective learning experiences with modern technology. It has over 40 years of teaching experience and 22 different locations in 5 countries.

St Giles International

A 60 years old English institute earned dozens of international recognized prizes. Every class size is limited to 12 students. With only 3-4% of Asian students, you can adapt to the environment more quickly.

LSI International

Over 98% student satisfaction rate, LSI constantly brings the best study experiences. It provides not only English courses but also French, German and Spanish fulfilling various learning demands.


Let's take actions

Free Course Trial

Is the course a good fit for me? Let's find out! We provide you a free 30-minutes course trial. You will be able to experience the content and the quality of the program.

Free English Test

Are sure about your English level? Let's test out

We offer you a  comprehensive test designed to help determine your English Level. The test last approximately 30 minutes.


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to know more about the programs

Online Inquiry

Send us your questions. We will contact you in the appropriate time and help build your study plan together.

We believe going through our well designed programs, you can break your limits and achieve a outstanding result. If you have further questions, feel free to contact us or submit your inquiry online.

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