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Why choose us? Because we are different!

Since our institute was found in 2004, we have been focusing on our ultimate educational mission which is to deliver the best and effective English learning experiences to help Taiwanese students achieve their goals. All programs taught in AAEC are not merely for getting a great English test result but also for cultivating real English abilities. We believe that passing English test is only a step before the journey starts. The real challenge begins after the students open the door of university or job market. Our 10+ years of teaching experience have been effectively assisting the students to establish a solid English foundation. Over 1000+ students have successfully achieved their goals and started to build their dream abroad. What are you waiting for? Let us reveal your true potentials!

Why We Are Different


Our friendly staffs and teachers are always there for you!

Irene, Director

​The chairman of AAEC, she is aiming to give advice and looking after all of us, please don't be scared to say hi to her! 

Caroline, Administrative Supervisor

The head of the recruitment, who has over 10 years experience for counselling the courses to English learning.

Sally, Administrative Assistant

​With a big smile and good energy, she is always willing to help and resolve problems.

Stenver, Representative

Have questions for study abroad? He can help you to get the offer from overseas universities!

Joanna, Assistant

Our English after-class tutor is available only on weekends. She can help you review your homework.

Aisha, TOEIC

Graduated from Patten University in the United States. Have more than 10 years of teaching experience and trained hundreds of students to get flight attendants.

Desiree, IELTS

Graduated from Westminster University in London with a master's degree in bilingual translation. She teaches students seriously and accurately.

Jasmine, Speaking

Graduated from Kansas University with a master's degree in English teaching. She has worked as an IELTS lecturer at the Auckland Institute of Technology in New Zealand.

Nancy, News

Graduated from Exeter University in the UK, Nancy teaches the weekly News English course carefully, and many students are her fans.

Lauri, Writing

Graduated from New York University with a  master's degree. Teaching synonyms and grammar is her strength.

Jessica, TOEFL

Graduated from Pennsylvania State University, the American style of teaching always makes the class full of laughter, so that the class is no longer boring.

Andrew, IELTS

Graduated from McGill University in Canada with PhD., he has an exclusive teaching method for IELTS, which stimulates students to think in English.

Samuel, IELTS

Sam, who has a teaching certification from the University of Cambridge in the UK, is full of teaching enthusiasm, the teacher is actually a vocalist who likes music.

Henry, GEPT

Henry from New Zealand is responsible for helping younger students to build up a good foundation in English, correcting pronunciation and grammar.


The main teacher of the junior and middle-level students, helping primary and middle school students to achieve higher scores.


Graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with a master's degree, specializing in grammar, translation, and mathematics.

Charles, TOEIC

To be continued...

April, Business

To be continued...

Emily, TOEFL


To be continued...

Simon, IELTS


To be continued...















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